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Crypto VC Funding is on the rise


$BTC looking good for now. In case of accumulation in the 60-62K area, we’ll take a BTC long.

In last 3 days more than 30+ projects have been funded. Funding for the next cycle is now being set.

<<Recent Funding>>

<<Rekt Alerts>>

- Dutch police detained a suspect in ZKasino fraud and confiscated assets worth 11 million euros. flod

- Today someone lost 1115 WBTC (~$71 million) as a result of a phishing attack.

- LayerZero offers "Sybil" addresses the opportunity to self-report themselves within the next 14 days in exchange for 15% of the planned airdrop amount.


- Injective partners with AltLayer.

- The Velodrome team shared plans to begin rolling out the Velodrome Superchain beta over the next few weeks.

- SUI released mobile version of Sui Wallet.

- Version v2 has been launched.

- launched new Staking Frens campaign in collaboration with Gearbox.


- Reya Network - 👀Claim your boost

- Blast L2

- Grass

- Archway

- GLID - Stake $FIL

- Linea Voyage: The Surge

- Hyperliquid

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