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MEV: Taxman of Blockchain

Most of you must be aware of the Gas fee or txn fee But often you lose more funds while transacting on Uniswap or any other DEX.

🔸 Last year a trader on Uniswap lost over $700,000

🔸 According to a report over $1.4 billion were stolen from users in just the year 2021 in $ETH

Know more on this taxman

Blockchain isn't just for storing transaction data

Unlike Google or Meta, blockchain firms do not rely on giant data centers where personal data can be used for profit. Instead of being true to the idea of Decentralization, they rely on Decentralized data storage where data is stored across a network of computers just like a distributed ledger.

Benefits of Decentralized storage 🔽

Mintlayer has the potential for significant gains

Watch the FULL Video about $ML analysis

$TON reached its All Time High 🚀

Over the past 2 weeks, $TON increased by more than 25%.
Let’s see why 🔽

Projects That Received Fandraising

Another round of venture capital pouring into the blockchain space!

This indicator says Bitcoin has Bottomed (or close to it) | Bitcoin to $100k?

It may be a good time to buy Bitcoin as the current value of circulating supplies suggests a potential bottom and turnaround in the market.

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