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Sprink is a hygiene-first meal subscription platform specifically designed for homes & offices which gives consumers access to the largest variety of good quality food at a reasonable price and delivered at zero delivery fee. Every time you order with Sprink, you get a unique breakfast or launch and none of it is repetitive. That’s what makes Sprink unique from other meal subscriptions out there.

“Less time you spend in your kitchen, more time you get to spend for yourself “. Sprink is pretty good for the consumers who’re working from home or office all day. The busy schedule can make us tiring and if you don’t feel like going to kitchen and preparing healthy food which can take almost an hour then Sprink is the best meal subscription to eat healthy meals and make time for yourself, everything will get sorted with the Sprink meal subscription. The Sprink Meal Subscription is very affordable and very much user-friendly, you can pause the subscription anytime you wish and resume it when you’re back or in need of it. Moreover, the best thing is Sprink doesn’t follow traditional methods of food production. Sprink has developed a unique method through which Indian food can be assembled using tasty precooked components, stored at ambient temperature & are sent to various locations. By using this methodology of precooked components Sprink enables in scaling food beyond boundaries even to the smallest of the Indian cities without worrying about hiring trained chefs or loosing consistency in task. There are a lot of hurdles in daily food markets, Sprink Online has bought a solution for us. It uses the first principles of food – Food Science, Automation & Platform.

For the first time in India, you can buy food using a Cryptocurrency. Yes you heard it right, we’re in a revolutionary digital space where Cryptocurrency is something often that you hear these days due to the big buzz. All the healthy meals can be purchased using Sprink Tokens.
Sprink is a utility token that acts as a reward. By using Sprink Tokens it grants access to various other services within the Sprink Ecosystem. You can easily convert the tokens to Sprink voucher on Bitbns and then redeem the voucher on the website.

Sprink Token will be used for three key functions:

  1. In order to become member of the SPRINK’s Invite only club and have access to Smart Discount prices, the client will have top-up his/her wallet with Sprink Token and pay their purchases with tokens. Upfront discount on all subscription recharges – only for Sprink token owners would get a flat 15% discount if they pay for their subscription using Sprink Tokens.
  2. Sprink Token owners will get monthly Airdrop equivalent to 1.5% of the holding per month in new tokens. Users need to hold minimum of 3000 tokens to receive airdrop tokens.
  3. Sprink Token will be used to pay rewards and incentives to clients, franchisees and other social groups: The Sprink Token will serve to incentivise the expansion of the Sprink network in India, help the sustainability of big cities through Smart Social Delivery and support charitable causes through the Social Wallet.


The blockchain-enabled system ensures that token holders are verified along with their holdings and they get the price they are entitled to. Holders also are incentivised to work for the collective good of their group, Club and the Ecosystem. Sprink Token holders can take an active role in the success of the platform by bringing opportunities to the community and referring their friends and family to join Sprink Club , thus earning additional tokens and benefiting economically.

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