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🇺🇸🙋‍♂️ Former The head of the US SEC's crypto-asset and cybersecurity division has joined Pumpfun

I think we’re at most ~15% away from alts bottoming and beginning the next phase of the cycle tbh

🤩> Good Reads 📰

Recommended Crypto Profit Calculator

Infographic: The Next Characters to Enter the Public Domain

MoveVM: The Rise of MoveVM

• Stay Focused after losses

🤩>  Moving News 🗞

Coinbase Lists $EIGEN for Pre-Launch Market - 18th June

Fed's Kashkari FOMC is expected to cut interest rates towards the end of the year.

New Jupiter Proposal

• Aave’s Stani Kulechov seeks $50m for Lens Protocol at $500m valuation

Sandwich bot Solana earned $30 million on MEV arbitrage in 2 months

Fuse announced first season airdrop 1 million FUSE.

SEC rejects Ripple's arguments in favor of reducing fine

• $PHOTON - Photon is coming

•$ZRO - LayerZero is coming | CEO Introducing updated list of sibiles.

🤩> Key Events This Week 🔇

• May Retail Sales data - Tuesday

• Stock Market Closed, Juneteenth - Wednesday

• June Philly Fed Manufacturing Index - Thursday

• S&P US Manufacturing/Services PMI data - Friday

• May Existing Homes Sales data - Friday

• A total of 10 Fed speaker events this week

🤩<Airdrops @SatsAlpha 🎁

- Reya Network

- Blast L2

- Grass

- Archway

- GLID - Stake $FIL

- Linea Voyage: The Surge

- Hyperliquid

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