Recap of Live AMA with CMO & Co Partner of ” SUDAN GOLD COIN “

Hello Everyone!
We are glad to meet here 
ELIJAH IFEANYI (@ElijahCMO), Co-Partner & CMO at Sudan Gold Coin
Let`s start from the first introduction question:

Q1 : I will start from a basic question.Could you introduce yourself to our community , tell us about your background also , How did you get involved in cryptocurrency?


I’m Elijah Ifeanyi CMO and Co partner of SudanGoldCoin also VP in blocksolutions and founder of the first blockchain media in Africa coinnewsafrica. My journey to blockchain and crypto was 6 years back as an advisor/consultant to blockchain startups.

Q2 : We have seen a great strength of SGC but could you give small Basic Introduction of Sudan Gold Coin to our community?


Sudan Gold Coin project is a cutting edge blockchain project with the aim to develop a revolutionary decentralized platform for trading gold and other precious metals and for receiving gold and precious metals markets information. We are are simply blockchain options gold and precious metals mining. As of now we are only exploring Gold option right now, in future we will launch bank of minerals as well.

Q3 : Could you tell a little bit about Sudan Gold Coin team? What’s your vision for 2020 because COVID-19 is out there!


Yes. The virus outbreak is affecting the world at the moment but the SGC team have not abandoned the project, before the turn of the year we plan to open bank of minerals and this will enable SGC integrate similar project into our ecosystem for support & also a big move is that we are working on SGC Gold factory and on the launch of Gold factory SGC will be able to process all gold mined in its own factory.

: What is the process of mining operation in Sudan and tell about functional features of SGC?


We use deep excavation process for mining. Let me show you some proofs of mining operations.



CRYPTO GANG : @Aleurich
Q1 : Why is the project SGC distributed in three countries (Estonia, Sudan and Dubai) What are the advantages of being based in 3 different countries?Isn’t it more convenient to have everything in Sudan?


We have a huge project and there is a reason after expert reviews to pick various locations,
Mining operations in Sudan,
Blockchain related business will be under Estonia.
SGC Gold vault and bank of minerals will be in Dubai

CRYPTO GANG : @hunt3rrr
Q2 : 
What makes your project better than your competitors? When can we expect your Crypto exchange to trade mineral coins & asset tokens.


We have access to real Gold and a unique business plan.We offer SGC swap to physical Gold, this features will be available on the launch of our platform.

Q3 : 
Can we get dividend from SGC in future, if so then from when ?


Yes, SGC holders will be available to pertake in 30% profit sharing from mining operations to be distributed among Holders quarterly.

CRYPTO GANG : @BJosefina61
Q4 : 
When your token is properly established, will the price of gold follow exactly? Or could there be any price difference due to the difference between physical gold holding and a token? Gold is a highly valued asset, can you please tell us a bit about how seriously you take security?


SGC token is backed by real Gold and its token is weighted at 0.004g of gold initially.The price of SGC token is being calculated by the amount of weight of Gold per token. This mass will increase quarterly with increasing output from mining

CRYPTO GANG : @Oluwamayowa06
Q5 : 
As at today, SGC is doing greatly as regards community adoptions. So what are your next marketing plans to bring more investors to SGC??


We are working with major industry players and are currently developing some strategic partnership which will be shared soon with big project to promote SGC adoption.

CRYPTO GANG : @rinnguyen
Q6 : 
Can you share about Some recent Events & major achievements done By SGC project in recent years? What is the Mission Statement of SGC Project and how you are working to achieve the mission ?
As i see, Your project looks Professional So, On which type of investors you’re Focusing on, like large Capitals, Institutions or Small Investors too?


We are working and targeting major investors as well and accommodating small investors as well, We are open to give equal access to Gold to everyone.

CRYPTO GANG : @Roger_bitcoin
Q7 : How can i Purchase / Buy SGC coins? I want to purchase Gold But I see SGC Gold provides Real Gold Backed Cryptocurrency! So, Is SGC have same value as gold? If yes, then from where i can i buy SGC Coins?


You can buy on any of the launchpads.
Currently Exmarkets , Dobi and ChainX
SGC is back by real Gold.Yes its backed by real gold

CRYPTO GANG : @Adriana_Martins
Q8 : 
Why any investor purchase SGC coins instead of buying real gold itself? Give us some reasons why should i or any investor invest in SGC coin rather than physical gold?There are many projects which also introducing Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies ! So, whats the competitive advantages of SGC coins? Why any investor should go for SGC coins rather than any other similar projects?


Investors will pick SGC over real Gold because each SGC token is weighted at 0.004g of gold initially and this mass will increase with time giving holders more weight in Gold per token which will eventually increase token price.

CRYPTO GANG : @Jonasbecker
Q9 : 
As we know, If any user owns More than half (51%) of Total supply then, there are possibilities of Attack on Project! So, How SGC will solve these problems from its Project?
How we can Trust on SGC PROJECT in term of security?


We will have full audit report shared with our community and also all transactions will be monitored on the blockchain, this will increase credibility and transparency to SGC investors and Holders.

CRYPTO GANG : @a9kush
Q10 : 
Can we say this is kind of Sudan government initiative to sell mined gold and minerals in digital form? What I understand whatever gold will be mined against that you will issue digital coins?


No, you’re wrong. We have a fixed amount and Total supply of SGC is 999,999,999 and we are going to distribute Gold mined in weight to SGC token, this will increase value and mass of Gold per token. Its Sudan Gold not Sudan Government.We are only registered and licensed/regulated by the Sudanese government and we recently working on a partnership with the government to promote blockchain adoption in the region.


CRYPTO GANG : @imvishesh
Q11 : 
Hi Elijah, How much profit SGC team estimated after launching your tokens on different exchanges?



CRYPTO GANG : @imvishesh
: Hi Elijah, How much profit SGC team estimated after launching your tokens on different exchanges?


We are not into price discussions as the market will determine. I am only interested to speak about increase in Gold weight per token which will increase by 0.0035g quarterly,I can’t speak about prices it’s not professional.

CRYPTO GANG : @shashikant97
Q13 :
African government are often corruption and unstable. Do you see this as a possible threat and barrier to SGC, especially to your mining factory??


Not a threat, We have our license and not dependent on any political party. We got our license through the right means and followed all due protocols for acquiring mining/operational license. So its not a threat.

CRYPTO GANG : @sillycupcake
Q14 :
There are other gold backed IEO’s and ICO’s. What makes you unique / different from the rest ?


We have better business model and large ecosystem. By holding SGC you are entitled various functions under the SGC ecosystem
– Swap to Gold
– SGC debit card
– SGC decentralized platform for trading gold and other precious metals
– 30%profit sharing to be distributed quarterly
– Gold weight increase
– Access to real Gold
These you can only get in SGC, no other platform offers you this and has a huge ecosystem

Q15 :
What is the aim of you people regarding this coin? And which blockchain will it belong to like ERC20 etc, can you tell me what is your idea about this? And when are you launching from this and where will you pay and how much is its funding cost and how much is its 1 year return%.


SGC is ERC20 standard and based on Etheruem blockchain
Soft cap 2 Million USD
Hard cap 5 Million USD

CRYPTO GANG : @Spartancolt
Q16 : 
The SGC is aims to be the first to integrate Blockchain technology with gold mining. One of the unique feature that caught my eye was the “unique monetary policy , which will be automatically executed by the bots to maintain the price stability”. This sounds like novel approach. Can you please shed light on what it is and how it going to work . @ElijahCMO


Stability will be attained by weight of Gold per token and the SGC team will not influence price of SGC in anyway.

Q17 :
You earlier said SGC is a marketplace and now you also claim to have your own mining operations. How does SGC plan to achieve both these goals together?


Yes.We are Gold/precious metals mining company and also we are building the world’s first decentralized platform for trading gold and other precious metals.This way we can compliment the SGC ecosystem too. Adopt users and give them option from current market of trading alts coin alone.Here you can explore other precious metals and minerals on our decentralized trading platform. 

CRYPTO GANG : @MalikShadab
Q18 :
How token’s price is associated with the fluctuations in price of gold ?


It’s associated to the weight in each SGC token and we have a safety measure to prevent even on the direct market, if it ever happens that Gold price will go lower the SGC team will increase token weight to avoid price drop at that point in time.This is a safe measure in place and will only be called upon at the most testing time of Gold market condition

CRYPTO GANG : @Aakashvani08
Q19 : 
Could you please describe your approach about legal support &regulatory compliance of the project?


We are working with industry experts and legal professionals who have guided us so far.We have fully acquired all licenses and are in good relationships with various government agencies/cooperation.We are fully regulated and licensed to operate without no future sanctions.

CRYPTO GANG : @thefastestsupra
Q20 : 
Are you open to the possibility of covering other minerals besides gold? maybe long term?
The iOS Application is coming very soon! Do you have a tentative release date at the moment? And what about the release of the App for Android users? @ElijahCMO


Yes. As clearly stated we will be exploring other precious metals and minerals over time. We will also be launching bank of minerals to bring great success and accommodate more projects into the SGC blockchain. Both sets of app will be launched side by side and news will be shared with the community to announce the launch. We are going to create the biggest blockchain option Gold mining company.

Thank you so much Mr. Elijah Ifeanyi (CMO of SGC) , Haryu & Ankith ( Admin of Crypto Gang) for taking out your valuable time on Sunday.

This was probably the longest AMA we had in our community

Hope everyone enjoyed and learnt from it

Thank You everyone who participated!!


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