Real Estate Turns Digital with FOHO

Where do people usually invest there hard earned money ? Is it Gold, is it Mutual Funds or is it Real Estate ? I am sure, most of us nowadays are looking to invest funds in Real Estate, but having said that, the younger generation who have started their career have the same thoughts that investing in real estate for long term will fetch you high yields, yet they are not able to fulfill it due to increasing prices in the arena of Real Estate .

Also, when one invests in a property , generally , we find a middleman involved who deals as a real estate agent and he gets a commission for the property sold. Commission generally ranges from 0.75% to 1% , his motive is to sell a property at a higher price to gain a good amount of Commission .

To solve these problems and elimination of the  middleman , we have come up with a solution of integration of Real Estate in the blockchain technology i.e FOHO Coin  . FOHO Coin aims to build a more transparent ecosystem and ensures financial closure of the project when it is fully funded. There are multiple checks and balances before a project is shown to an investor .

FOHO allows sharing of real estate using blockchain . One can have fractional ownership of property and earn high yields on the property owned . FOHO Coin eliminates the traditional way of purchasing a property , investing in a property with FOHO will not be a troublesome task anymore . FOHO Coin is a utility token which enables you to purchase fractional ownership of property and one could simply  invest those tokens in the properties listed in the FOHO Ecosystem .

The FOHO Ecosystem Comprises of FOHO.Haus , FOHO.Work & FOHO.Club . FOHO.Haus is simply shared ownership of homes, invest in FOHO.Haus and receive a security token specific to that property which represents unrestricted ownership. FOHO.Work in the Ecosystem entitles you to have shared ownership of Commercial workplace such as office . FOHO.Club gives you the right to have shared usage of clubs .


FOHO Coin has been captured by many leading publications such as , CoinCrunch , LiveMint , Outlook , Hindustan Times and so on. One of the leading newspaper publication ‘Hindustan Times’ labelled FOHO as “Future of Shared Real Estate”.

The Initial Exchange Offering of FOHO Coin started on 27th July and closed on 3rd August . The token sale has received a phenomenal response from the Private placement investors , Retail Investors as well as strategic investors . FOHO Coin to be listed for trading on 15th August on one of the India’s Biggest Exchange – BitBNS .

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