How to come up with software business ideas and build prototypes.

So you are thinking of starting a software business and you need ideas to proceed to the next move.

Maybe you see your dad, uncle, relative, friends dad or recent software moguls doing business and you look at them and see them as your role model.

They inspire you to start your own business…

You want to start something new like Facebook, Google, Apple etc… Maybe you won’t want to continue the legacy of old business and start your own line of business. 

This requires you to come up with new business ideas!

You go online and look for business resources and you realise the more you look for business ideas the more confused you get.

I know how that feels!!

So here we will give you a framework on how you can come up with new business ideas.

Coming up with Software business ideas!

Okay so you are all set to start your business journey and you are looking for that new “Facebook” type of idea…

The first thing that you can do is find problems that you or people around you have everyday and try to make it a little easier by providing a solution

You can make people’s life easier in many ways it is not mandatory you need to use technology to solve every problem.

If the problem can be solved using existing technology or methods and can have a huge impact on people’s life, it will still be very lucrative.

But since we are talking about a software business we will move in that direction…

Once if you see a problem that can be solved do research on 

● How many people have this problem?

● How will the solution be helpful?

● How is the solutions different from existing solutions?

● How to make money?

● How much money is required to build the solution?

● What are the resources required to build the solution?


Once you have answers to all the questions.

Talk to people who have worked in the software business and ask them for their help and feedback. 

You can find professionals on platforms such as

Once you validate your idea by the professionals…

You can move on to building your prototype.


Building a prototype will depend on your budget if you have a large budget then you can have your own team of developers and get the software built.

It also depends on your network, if you know someone who are good at developing software’s you can approach and team up with them.

If not, you can find professionals who can build software on platforms such as or where you can get your software built on your budget.

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