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The Real Estate market in India has witnessed a few ups and downs during the past several years. Yet features a stable foundation. Considering the population and growth of the country and therefore the availability of the land, we will confirm that the Indian land market features a good potential in creating demand in the future thanks to the competition and slight changes within the economy people now are ready to purchase properties by making huge investments and future returns. In such an environment the market will only create demand but accessibility are going to be less to folks. To resolve such issues where people don’t get proper opportunities to participate within the land trade and business a corporation has emerged setting its route to the moon!

FOHO, which can even be abbreviated as “Future of Housing and Office-holdings” has emerged with a thought which can just be the game-changer within the land sector in India! With the “Fractional Ownership” method FOHO is opening doors for people with less income to urge into the important Real Estate market by giving a platform to take a position on a property that is listed in the ecosystem. FOHO has built an ecosystem that can help people to easily get into the land market and make money which can improve the standards of their living. This way by avoiding realtor fees and commissions people directly can own a part of the property by the concept of a shared economy that provides returns and ownership to them.

Considering the response that FOHO has received recently and the present situation within the country, FOHO holds a superb potential in building a strong economy and a replacement wave in the land market are often foreseen thanks to the straightforward accessibility that FOHO provides for commoners and therefore the way the ecosystem works, the present market that also runs in an old fashioned way can be altered by merging it with the new cryptocurrency which FOHO is specializing in. In this manner, a far better market can be created and this step will convince to be a boon to the people of India and for the vital Real Estate market that stars a large share within the countries economy.

The inevitable growth of FOHO in the past months has proved that FOHO will commence to the moon by 2022. People on large scale are being focused and re­routed to the crypto world and FOHO trying to redefine the way land trade is operating in India by merging the newborn cryptocurrency and age-old real estate to make a far better sector which will surely revolutionise the way the market runs and boosts the economy.

The Fractional Ownership method won’t only make the investors have ownership in several properties but also it gives abundant opportunities for them to invest in more than one property at a time through a shared economy. This move will help those people with less income. This will fuel the FOHOs to take off to the moon.

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