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By 2030, the price of $BTC will reach $3.8 million


May1 was International Workers' Day and had taken a time off from the market, but dont worry, this newsletter combines the happenings of May1st & 2nd.

Lately Crypto Markets have been moving slowly right? 🦸🏼‍♂️

Stay Humble & Keep Stacking Sats!!

Cathie Wood: By 2030, the price of $BTC will reach $3.8 million

Our Views: If institutional investors invest 5% of their portfolios or even their profits to $BTC then this could be a reality by 2030

Reality?? No, Its Happening: Block has implemented a program to purchase BTC at average cost (DCA), which will last until 2024. As part of this program, Block will invest 10% of its gross profits from BTC products into the purchase of BTC.

The biggest Fundraising Rounds conducted in April
Projects that received the most funding are Monad ($225M), an L1 blockchain, Berachain ($100M), an EVM-compatible L1, and Auradine ($80M), a provider of web infrastructure.


Paragraph: Web3 Publishing platform has raised $5 million from USV and Coinbase Ventures, and is also acquiring blogging platform Web3 Mirror.

- Baxus has raised $5 million in a seed round led by Multicoin Capital and Solana Ventures, FJ Labs and Narwhal Ventures.

- Binance Labs invested at Movement Labs.

- Agora: Crypto voting platform has completed a $5 million seed funding round led by Haun Ventures. 

- $TON: Pantera Capital invested in The Open Network.

- Mitosis: Modular liquidity protocol has completed $7 million in funding led by Amber Group and Foresight Ventures.

- XYZ Crypto Fund completed funding for $5.1 million, with the participation of Gemini.

- Metale Protocol: completed a $4 million seed round of funding.

- Klumi Ventures: launches two investment funds for Web3 startups for $115 million.

- Patriots Division raised $5 million in funding for a Web3 game for Shadow War.

- Animoca Brands has published an “ApeCoin Ventures” proposal, proposing to create a $10 million fund together with ApeCoin.

- Matera: Received $3.6 million in funding with participation from The Sandbox and others.

- Mocaverse: $MOCA token sale is completed. ~$29.3 million raised.

- BlackRock leads Securitize's $47 million round.


- layerzero: Picture 1 is taken. More information will come later.

- Ampera announced launch of the main network and airdrop $ANVL.

- Arkham - Partnership with $TON to deliver Arkham data to millions of TON and Telegram users

- EigenLayer: Give an additional 100 EIGEN to all users who interacted with EigenLayer before April 29th.

- Drift launched $DRIFT token hallmarks.


- Pike presumably again hacked for 479 $ETH (~$1.4 million).

- In April 2024, the crypto space suffered ~40 hacks, resulting in losses of ~$60.2 million.

That's it for today folks. Have a great day ahead

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