Being Invested Daily - June 19th

From $PIXEL's $19M unlock to $GLM's ETH staking tests and the German government shifting seized BTC!

Being Invested Daily - June 19th

🤩> Events:

- $PIXEL unlocked $19M.

- $MERL unlocked $30M.

- $NGL Borpa Airdrop Snapshot.

- $FLOW Testnet Upgrade.

- $OP Superchain Identity.

- $UOS Q2 Recap.

- $PYR VulcanVerse Update 7.

🤩> News and Narratives:

- $GLM initiated $ETH staking tests.

- $DJT GCR placed a $100M bet that the token is fake.

- $SOL's creator app DRiP Haus is aiming for a July mobile app release.

- $BNB introduced BEP 336, with the Haber hard fork on June 20.

- $REZ raised $17M to expand staking services.

- $STRK launched the Propulsion Pilot Program.

- Biden officials are expected to attend a Bitcoin roundtable in DC.

- $DRIFT partnered with $ONDO to launch RWA margin.

- $HNT expanded coverage in Mexico by partnering with LongFi Solutions.

- $SKL joined Unity's publisher support program.

- $SAND purchased several memecoins including $PEPE, $SHIB, $MEME, $DEGEN, $DOGE, and $BONK.

- $DYDX added support for isolated margin and Raydium.

- The German government moved a portion of seized $BTC.

🤩> General News:

- Bybit discontinued MT4 support and will transition to MT5.

- Sonic, Solana's gaming-focused L2, raised $12M at a $100M valuation.

- Hashdex filed with the SEC for a combined spot $BTC and $ETH ETF.

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