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Over 1 million new crypto tokens have been launched since April alone.

Half of the 1 million crypto tokens are meme coins created on the Solana network).

📊 $BTC touched 128DMA first time since last October

Usually, but not always, acts as good support in bitcoin bull markets

lets understand about the happenings in the market

🤩> Actionables in next 24 hours 👀

• $LISTA: opened submitting applications for airdrop

• Mystiko Networksubmitted airdrop checker.

• Jupiter: $JUP staker vote

• $Nyan: Reward claims for Nyan Heroes 2nd season open.

• Initia: Last day to participate in Week5 Quests

🤩> News ğŸ—ž

• Chinese telecom giant Coolpad to drop $13.5M on BTC mining rigs.

• CEO LayerZero: Discord roles will be important. We will reward the community, developers and content creators in a way that promotes long-term community value.

• $REZ: Renzo raised $17 million in funding.

• $DRIFT partnered with $ONDO Finance

• $ARKM Arkham is offering $150,000 reward to find out who's behind the $DJT Trump token.

• FoxNews: one of the largest media networks in the world, launching a L2 chain using @0xPolygon CDK

🤩 > Good Reads 📒

• There is no bull cycle I love you.

• Hidden Struggle behind ALTCOINS and MARKET

• Solana Layer 2 Sonic raises funds at $100 million token valuation

• Reasons to be bullish on InstaDapp

🤩<Airdrops @SatsAlpha

- Reya Network

- Blast L2

- Grass

- Archway

- GLID - Stake $FIL

- Linea Voyage: The Surge

- Hyperliquid

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